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Rinoa's Final Fantasy Is Back! Dang!

Yes, we're back. And at this point, you're either thinking, "Why did you freaks leave in the first place?", or "This dump existed before?". Well, yes, this dump was online for just three weeks shy of a year before it was taken down around the beginning of January. Why? Well, RFF, as it has become affectionately called (well, maybe more or less called that cause we're all too lazy to type out the whole name all the time) was an incredibly large FF site, with 60 MB of media stores in it's folders and about 11,000 visitors. After a while that kind of site becomes hard to maintain.

So, it was taken down and actually it was planned that RFF would merge with AngeL Kiyone's, Kiyone's Heaven. Well, alot happened in early 2001, so things got behind schedule, and after all when Kiyone and I get together, we can't take anything seriously, so we hadn't even decided on a title. I think as far as we got was "Retard's Final Fantasy". Not pretty. Plus, if you folks haven't noticed, I'm an anal retentive, control freak. Yes, I like having complete control over what happens on RFF, no matter how hard it is to maintain alone. That being said, I think you get the picture. I mean merging might happen later in the future, but right now, I feel the need to be anal retentive.

Anyway, I started missing RFF with a passion man. I missed giving FF fans what they wanted. News, galleries, media, and special features. After all, being a fan, I know exactly what I want when I'm lookin' for FF stuff. So that's the reason we're back. Clear enough?

For those of you who've never seen RFF until now, and wonder what the heck I'm even talking about, let me explain. RFF all started on January 29, 2000. It started as a pretty averaged sized site, with an average amount of pictures, news, and media. There was also something terribly unique about the site. It's colors of aqua and purple, which has basically been an on going joke. As the year progressed, tons of features like trivia, fan interactions, online parody talk shows, and a huge revamp of the picture gallery and media sections were added as well as a change of shades in the ever popular and ever nauseating color scheme, and the popularity of the site grew so fast it would make your little heads spin. So much so, that well....it got taken down as was stated before.

The whole point of this feature? Er....um...hehe we're back all! And here to stay, as far as I'm concerned. So put down that panic attack medicine, and stop all future plans of a social life, cause RFF is here, and here until I go blind from the aqua and purple.

- Rinoa

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