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Spirits Within Impressions

Here's the first and second rounds. Extreme spoilers are highlighted in red.

Impressions by: X
The Final Fantasy movie was pretty good. The story made sense and did have some aspects of "Final Fantasy"(Cid,Gaia). The CGI were very realistic. However, I believe that the plot was lacking something. The cast was smaller than I thought it would be and could have been larger. Also, I think that it would have been a lot better if they based it on one of the games of the series. Where's the guardian forces? Where's the swords? Where's the magic? The entire movie only had guns! If I were to make a FF movie I would base it on either Final Fantasy VII and VIII. They would have to have cool characters like Squall and Cloud looking a lot more realistic. Wouldn't you agree?

Impressions by: okih imus(brian)
I saw the movie and i thought it was good although the critics didn't like the way they moved their mouths and they said the dialog §ûçkËd. i thought it was a good movie, better than tomb raider! i don't wanna spoil n e thing but at the end of the movie...i can't believe that was the end. ok, laterout.

Impressions by: Sai Rowan
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was so good! everyone said it sucked... but it turned out so interesting! still think it should be a game too... the plot was the best but the movie was a bit short.. well the hero couple is the best so far! hehe..love is such a good thing when you're watchin the movie with your special someone(luv yah Stacey!) well EVERYONE!! GO SEE IT NOW!! *pats pocket* hehe.. digital cameras r cool...

Impressions by: Mrs. Sephiroth
Excellent movie!! Four stars!! It had action, adventure, romance, and everything else that makes a darn good movie! I gotta admit, what with the recent rep of most movies based on video games, I half expected to go into the theatre and walk out an extremely disappointed FF fan. Boy was I in for a surprise! The CG animation was gorgeous! The way the phantoms looked, moved, and behaved actually had me on the edge of my seat, biting my nails in fear. And sometimes a few scenes made me mad enough to feel like jumping through the screen to kick some serious phantom a....er, tail. The main hero of the story was a woman (YEESS!! Finally! Thank you square!), and the romantic interest met all my requirements for cute, lovable, macho, and just downright sexy (Captain Gray. Yummmy!) The action was practically non-stop, the villain General Hein turned out to be a victim of some sorts, definately sparking your sympathetic side (as is in most RPG's). It had a little bit of the aura of some of the most popular FF games. I personally saw mostly similarities to the FF7 game (spirits vs lifestream, Gaia vs Holy). It had everything I could possibly have asked for (except Sephiroth in his birthday suit). Final word, if you only see one movie this summer, FFTSW should be it. And I can't wait for the second FF movie! If our wishes would come true, maybe it will star a spiky blonde haired kid and a beautiful, silver haired one winged warrior angel....

Impressions by: Jamie
I was of course impressed with the graphics, Square certainly knows how to put on a good show. However, I was eerily reminded of FF7. They sort of ripped off the Lifestream idea and another scene with a cannon reminded me of Rufus and the Mako Cannon on disc 2. Overall, I liked the movie, but I was disappointed with recycled plot and I was mad they killed off a certain character played by a certain actor named *cough* Steve Buscemi *cough*

Impressions by: Amira
This movie kicked some serious toosh! The Graphics were just amazing, the characters very life-like, and have very different personalities. ^_~ The storyline was *blink* ..okay..I'm beyond words to describe that part! 'Cept that the end was a cliff hanger. SEQUEL! NOW!.. heh. All I have to say is go see it.. now! (If not, the Phantoms are going to come suck your soul out!)

Impressions by: Lily
Are you all blind? The movie sucked! The graphics were breathtaking yes, but looks alone doesn't make a movie-or have we forgotten? The only reason you all said you like it cause it had Square/Final Fantasy slapped on cover. Music- The music didn't suck but i give it a 6. It isn't as greata s FF VII's VIII's IX's and VI's. The ending- *spoilers* At the end we are left with Sid and Aki with the body of Gray. The world all suddenly became green and lush! What a surpise! Aren't we jolly! How can you be jolly if your man is dead, and almost everyone else?! Yay Yay, the earth comes back, but do you honestly think that things will start to grow that fast? Its like the Lion King at the end when simba beat Scar and after the rain grass and everything was back to normal. Please! like the Spirits were kind enough to do that. And if they did, i don't think it was a reasonable time span. Overall- If you want to see a movie with beautiful animation, this is the movie to go to. Just don't get attatched to the characters and suspend disbelief. Ask for no explanations because you won't get any. The movie held great suspense. At the end your mouth will be hanging(a slap in the face). Guess you can say they spent to much time on the graphics instead of embroidering and embellishing the whole plot and storyline.

Impressions by: Rinoa Caraway
Yes, tis' I, Rinoa of this sitey! ^^ Anyway, The Spirits Within was wonderful yet horrible. Yeah, I know, quite a stellar impression. Lemme finish. First off, as everyone else and their lil brother Billy has said, the animation is killer. At some points Dr. Sid was so life like it sent chills down my spine. Aki's eye rolling in scenes with Gray was so realistic, I wanted to jump through the screen and roll mine at him too!

The plot left a tad to be desired. At some points I found myself wondering, "And your point is?". It can be very difficult to follow at times, and seems very disorganized. It's almost as though they made it up as they went along. I only blame Square for the bad writers, not the story.

Characters.....well, whoever wrote this story, wasn't concerned about character depth. Of course in an RPG you have sixty somewhat hours to develop a character. In a movie you have three hours tops, so you can't blame them that much, but still, it seemed the brady Bunch movie gave you more character background. *gag* Aki, Gray, Gen. Hein, and Dr. Sid were likeable though, with lil' funny things said here and there, and the drama they portrayed. As for Neil, Jane and that other guy *is at a loss for his name* well....yeah, you get the picture. One extra complaint about Neil, he seemed to think he was alot funnier than everyone else thought he was. *eye rolling*

As for the music....well most of it was just very usual background movie music, except for the beautiful song on the ending credits. The scenery during the song was lix0rable.

If I had to rate this movie without the choice of jumping off a cliff, I'd give it a 5 out of 10. I was severely disappointed plot wise, but the other things about it are enough to drag it up to five. If you're an FF fan then go see it, if not don't bother. If you're a rabid FF fan, the see it until they kick you out of the local theater, and then wear out your VCR watching it.

Impressions by: Amanda
I thought Final Fantasy: The Spirts Within was awesome! I got so mad when I found out the critics were saying it sucked. It was a bit too short, (Or I thought anyway.) The plot was missing something, and they should have gone into Aki and Gray's past a little more. :D Square did a great job with the CG animation.My favorite charcter was General Hein. *drools insanely* He reminded me of Seifer, only cooler...and with black hair. Now, if you excuse me, I must get back to worshipping him.

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