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Tell Us About Your "First Time"

Well, the feature's over and the fans have "played" and told. Go check out some people's "first times" with Final Fantasy! If you didn't get the chance to participate, then feel free to share your experience with us when we run this feature again!

First Times

- Rinoa
All dirty minded people are now encouraged to hit the back button on their browser. Are all the rest of you clean minded people still with me? Good.

Final Fantasy news is slowing, and school is slowing down the internet. With all this, well, slowness, I've had time to sit and think about different things about FF. I could've sat here and written a sleepy editorial on something pertaining to FF just to be able to update, but I chose to do something that required less work on my part. Ehehe.I decided that I wanted to prod into your personal lives......I wanna hear about your first time...

Hey, you there, with the weird expression on your face....I though I told all the dirty minded people to leave! Yeah, well, stay if you want, cause you can't get your sick kicks here buddy! What I want to hear about is your first time playing Final Fantasy. I would like for you to tell me about the first Final Fantasy you ever played, how you ended up being introduced to the series, and your feelings after you finished your first FF.

Final Fantasy is an experience for us all, and why not share those wonderful memories with other fans?

Are you ready to give us the details? Fill out the form below, with your name, email adress, and your "first time". Be sure to check your spelling as well as you can, and keep cursing down to a minimum. Also, make sure your writing is written in an understanble fashion, with as little grammatical errors as possible, and use puncuation appropriately. No, I don't think we're in preschool or anything, it's just, some people don't type as well as they write. So make it easy on Rinny Dearest m'kay? Thankies!

This feature will run for the next two weeks.

- Rinoa

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