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People who like Final Fantasy seem to have opinions about everything in the game. Well, here on the Features section these things get discussed, along with some other senseless things.

Combat Log #56,398: We came, we saw, we ripped Ultimecia a new one........

Why Final Fantasy Combat Sucks
Why does FF combat sux0rs? Maybe because you can't blink without having a battle? Maybe because you can take out a boss by blowing on it? Check out RFF's, Resident Jerk's rantings!

Tidus: Don't look at us! We're not the sicko perverts asking about first times!   Yuna: Umm, Tidus, honey, where's your other hand?   Tidus: *blushes*

Tell Us About Your "First Time"Round One & Round Two
We here at RFF want to know something. We want to hear about your "first time". We want all the hot, intimate details on your first experience. Er, your first experience playing Final Fantasy, that is!

God......please, just don't let me suck......

It Worked the First Time, So Let's Do It Again!
An analysis of the usual character patterns throughout FF, and how FFX may or may not be different. This also marks the debut of RFF's newest slave staffer, FlameWolf!

In the theater I smell buttery popcorn, on the screen I see.....

Spirits Within ImpressionsRound One & Round Two
The Spirits Within is out in theaters now! So for those of you who saw it, what did you think? Did you wet your pants or did you fall asleep on the nerd next to you's shoulder?

Rinoa: If you don't like my game then sit on this and spin!

Is It Possible To Just Appreciate It For What It Is!?
It seems with every new Final Fantasy, there's always a lot of whining and complaining. Can FF fans ever appreciate Final Fantasy for what it is and shut up?


Rinoa's Final Fantasy Is Back! Dang!
The fools and their aqua & purple FF site is back! Why is it back and why the heck did it even leave?! Well find out that and more in this special feature story.

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