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Disc One FMV's

Opening Quistis' Introduction Balamb Garden
Zell's Introduction The Landing Selphie's Introduction
The Comm Tower Escape From Dollet Rinoa's Introduction
Squall and Rinoa Dance Uncoupling Deling's Train Galbadia Garden
Irvine's Introduction Deling City Rinoa Meets Edea
Edea Speaks to Deling Iguions Attack Rinoa The Parade Begins
Seifer is Seen with Edea 20:00 Hours The Gateway Closes
A Failed Assassination Squall Leaps to the Rescue The Rivals Meet
Edea Wounds Squall

Disc Two FMV's

Squall's Cell Desert Prison Missile Base Launch
Missile Base Destroyed Missiles in Flight Balamb Destroyed
Balamb Transforms Narrow Escape Rinoa on the Balcony
Flying Over Balamb Crashing into the Ocean The White SeeD Ship
Crashing into FH Fisherman's Horizon Galbadia Garden Spotted
Seifer Leads Galbadia Motorcycles Deployed Rinoa In Danger
Squall Saves Rinoa

Disc Three FMV's

Esthar City Launching to Space Space Station Arrival
The Lunar Surface The Lunatic Pandora Lunar Cry Begins
Lunar Probe Attacked Sorceress Adel Awakens Escape Pod Launch
Rinoa Adrift in Space The Ragnarok The Escape, The Embrace
Invading Lunatic Pandora Lunar Cry Hits Earth

Disc Four FMV's
Adel Captures Rinoa Compression of Time Ultimecia's Castle
Throne of Ultimecia Ending Movie

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