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Tell Us About Your "First Time"

Here's round one and two of this feature's submissions!

Masika's First Time
I watched my brother play for about seven years. (Don't hit me for not playing sooner!) I was about four when I started watching him, and I was completely fascinated. We had an original Nintendo, so the first game I got to see was Final Fantasy 1. Woo. Love that game, even if Final Fantasy IX is better. ^.^ Neway, when I was eleven, I picked up a playstation, struggled to get over my fear of "Accidentally Deleting My Game...What If I Push A Wrong Button?!" and played Final Fantasy 7. I loved this game, and only because of Aeris. Then I played 9. (Holy cow. That game made me Kuja obsessive!) Best Final Fantasy, in my opinion. And then...well, I got a PS2, and I've been obsessive about video games (Only RPG's so far) forever. (Well, at least since I was four.)

Jessica Dragontamer's First Time
I would like to say that my very first FF experience was with 7..... but, in fact, it wasn't!! I didn't even realize it til recently. I don't know if anyone remembers or even knows, but on the really old Gameboy there were at least 2 games called Final Fantasy Legends. When I was about ten or eleven years old, a friend of mine left the obscure FF title FF Legends II at my house, and I think I played it on an off for about a year before shoving it in a box somewhere and forgetting completely that it even existed. I rediscovered it recently as the result of moving house, and comparing FF Legends II to FFX, 9, 8, 7, or even the original version of 6, it's truly amazing how far the FF series has come. The trademark equippables are there, along with a few odder ones (as well as a few certain magic stones that bring to mind the word 'materia'), and although I have yet to find the classic 'Masamune' reference, I DID find Odin! =^.^=

Rinoa's First Time
I remember I was 10 years old when my sister and I were at a movie rental store looking for a video game to rent. Being like night and day, I wanted something slightly on the goofy side, while my sister wanted a fantasy type game. After much protest, I let her have her way and rent Final Fantasy II (US). Neither of us had ever played an RPG before, and I have to say that I was severely confused and disappointed, due to my age, attention span, and sheer ignorance of the RPG genre. A week later I happily returned the game, and I didn't play another RPG for a year. Exactly a year later I rented Final Fantasy III (US), and once again tried to grasp an RPG. This time I sat down and actually learned about the battle systems, and how RPGs draw you in with their movie-like storylines. I was hooked! After that I've played and won every FF there was, except for FF II, though I came extremely close. The due date for returning it to the rental store came, and Golbez escaped my wrath, hehe. ^^

Sai Rowan's First Time
Lets see my first time... *flashback* I was a young one of 11 summers, and I was into a a card game called Magic Cards. And that's how I thought FF would be cool I remember.. someone told me about this game called Final Fantasy. I was young and innocent so I did not know what I was getting into. My friend Paul had the game FFII and he was willing to sell it to me for dirt cheap. I bought it and rushed home. When I was home I tripped over many things getting to the tv but I eventually made it. Incredibly I still had the enough of a brain to put the cartridge in and turn it on. I found myself overwhelmed by the music and graphics.. which were pretty cool at the time. I had finally found my love, my dreams, my future. The game and I stayed together for nearly 8 hours before we had to part, for the night was upon us. I left the game and walked over to my bed.. and dreamt of new adventures and new Final Fantasies to come.

Whitney Callaway's First Time
First Final Fantasy experience? I was at a friend*s house and we were playing Final Fantasy VII. The first thing I saw was Aeris being stabbed, and without even knowing Aeris, I started crying. My friend started cheering. I*ve cried all the other 5 times I*ve seen Aeris die, too. I*m so pitiful.

okih-imus's First Time
My first FF experience. The first FF game I ever played was FF7. I played it in either 5th grade or 6 grade and I finished it very quickly. The story line was quite confusing especially for my age. It was my birthday and I went to toysR'us to see what I'd get. I couldn't make up my mind on what PC game to buy. I went to school and told my friend, Dane, about it and he went wild! He was yelling at me to buy FF7. So after school I did. At first I didn't know I had to use the keypad so I was getting all angry but eventually I figured it out and I configured the controls. Well, that was the first really cool game I ever bought.

Amanda's First Time
Okay, my first FF Experience! It was a few months after FF8 came out, and it was my brother that rented it. I watched him play it, and who was the first one I saw? Seifer ^_^ Whom I fell madly in love with immdently.
"That you?"
"The blonde one."
"No, I'm gonna kick his ass!"
"No! Don't! Don't kick his ass! Ass kicking is bad!!!"
>From the beging I was protective of my lil Seifer. Well, after awhile, I grew bored, because of all things I HATE watching video games instead of playing them. So I went off in my own little world, and waited until he fell asleep that night. I stole the game (Hee hee!) I took it out in the living room, because I was visiting my Dad and it HAD to stay in the living room. There, at 3 AM in the morning, I began my adventure.

It took me nearly an hour to find the friggin Fire Cavern. The place was hidden! I couldn't find it! :P It sucked! So, I did that and was freaking out, because my peeps were so weak, and they died, ASAP. No, I didn't know that there were some GFs at Squall's study panel! I didn't read the walkthrough, ok? So, I started over, and drooled over the blonde hottie, whom I learned was dear lil Seifer.

Anyways, I made my way through the game, and this was my first impressions of the charcters:
Selphie: Okay, what a freak! Look at her hair! OH! HAA! Look at her fall! (I soon started to trip over my own twofeet after that...Sorry Selphie!)
Rinoa: Who the hell? HEY! LEAVE SQUALLIE ALONE! STOP DRAGGING HIM OUT THERE!!!!!! Ohhh! Wait! Squall has a nicebutt!
Zell: Chicken-wuss, nuff said.
Seifer: See above ^_^
Quistis: Dude! It's me! What the hell? It's me!
Squall: Don't hurt my Seifer!

Well, I guess you get the point. I was crushed when we had to return the game. Completely. So I re-rented the next week, and kept renting until Feb. Then I bought my brothers PS off him, and got the game for my b-day. I hid out in my room for the next month, re-living it up to the 3rd disk. When I FINALLY beat the game...It froze...at the end....right before the part with Laguna! I WAS SO MAD! Oh I was mad! I didn't get to see the rest of the ending until last month when I re-bought it.

Between the times, my Dad bought me FF7, because he became obbessed with it too. I was the one that beat it first. We had a bet going. ^_^ I got FF9 for Christmas. On that day, December 25, 2000, I fell in love with the FF series all over again. Over all, I have only played FF9 once, because my disks are broken. For the past 7 months I have had FF withdrawl, because I want to play that game again!! *sniffles*

My dad bought me FF athology, and FFC is on it's way to my greedy little hands. I can tell you this much, I never would have thought that a stupid little game could change my life-style so much. Really, I couldn't. I have met so many good people over the internet because of this series (Hi Keri! Hi Petie! Hi everyone!) and my writing skills have increased. Reading Fanfiction, to me, is like an extension of the game, and lets me form the game MY way! I so happy that Squaresoft's creativity has entered my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Lark's First Time
My first FF experience was almost two years ago. My father finally broke down and bought my sister a PS, and so the only game we knew that were on PS was Final Fantasy VII. So we sent him out to go get it. He came back with Final Fantasy VIII. My sister started playing it, but I had always thought RPG games were too hard and avoided it .... .... That is until I beat every other game in the house. Out of sheer boredom, I picked up the game, and I started to play.

Forget it, I was completely hooked from the start. Now a year and eight months later, I've beaten 8 4 times, 7 5 times, 9 twice and 6 once, and own every other FF game for PS. Oh yeah, and my sister *still* has not beaten 8.

Lin's First Time
Well... FF VIII really pulled me into the FF gaming world, and that's why I quite like it. ^^ This guy from my class taped the FF VIII intro just after his student movie on video and we watched it. Then, I noticed Squall and thought, "Hey, he's cute~." (Yes, I'm a very shallow fangirl... XD;;) It was then that I proceeded to find any FF game in the house (I was really clueless about FF at that time... sue me :P) and I found FF Tactics. ^^

The gameplay really captivated me, as well as the storyline and the characters. ^_^ Then I played FF VII and FF VIII. Both are really great games, but Tactics will always be my favourite. ^_^ I don't know why it's not that popular... everyone should play it, yo! :P

Winged Sorceress' First Time
My first Final Fantasy was FF8. It was over some three day weekend, i don't remember the occasion, but my friend Gabriella came over to spend the night, (she was already sucked in,) and suggested that we rented the game. As soon as the Dance Cinematic was over, I knew I was obsessed. I also knew that I hated Zell and Irvine at very early stages in the game. We finished the first disc and went to sleep, but the next day after she left, I kept the game for a little while. (My late fees totaled up to a grand 30 American dollars.) I'm still obsessed after all this time, and I'm starting over with a perfect game.

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