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Here's RFF's FAQ.Yes I really do get asked stuff, sometimes just plain weird stuff, but here you'll find the well er Frequently Asked Questions.

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Q: May I use your pictures and/or graphics on my site?

A: Well, let me just say, *ahem* N-O. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a giving person, but the graphics I made specifically for RFF. Second off, the pictures. Well, if they say RFF at the bottom, then that's a flat out no because it takes a long time to capture all those, then retouch them, and add the "RFF" logo. If they say like, The GIA or nothing at all, then go ahead, I don't care, just follow the image usage guidelines of that particular site.

Q: May I directly link files like, mp3s, images, etc.?

A: NO. I actually PAY for my bandwidth, so if you directly link to my files, you are essentially stealing money from me. If you must take things, save them to YOUR computer and upload them to YOUR server.

Q: How do you make your site? What programs do you use?

A: Try checking the Site Info page there, slick. hehe

Q: Will you make graphics for me? Will you design a site for me?

A: *blink* *blink* Er, why would you ask a thing like that? I deeply believe that the joys of making a site is just that, "making" a site. If you ask people to make graphics for you, you'll never learn. Same with HTML. This question isn't a flat out no though. I do design graphics and sites for a fee. If you're willing to pay, I'm willing to work. Check out
Selamanya Graphics for more details.


Q: Are you really Rinoa?

A: Though it would be fun to really be her, she's just a video game character. Please don't mail me and talk to me like I really am her. I really don't know what to say to mails like this. I just delete them.

Q: Whoa! Rin, you and your slaves staff sound pretty cool. How old are you/ What's your real name / what's your favorite.....?

A: Check my domain, As for the slaves, either ask them or check their homepages.

Q: Hey wench! I sent you an email/form/whatever like a week or more ago! How come I didn't get a reply!?

A: ABUSE! Er um...excuse me. The reason for that is either, A: I haven't gotten to it, seeing as I get over 30 emails a day on a slow day, and have little time to answer each one promptly, or B: You asked me a question that was listed on the FAQ so I chose to ignore you due to the fact that I hate to repeat myself.

Installing Files

Q: How do I install Sims skins?

A: Try reading the installation instructions
here. If that doesn't help, Google it bishes.

Q: How do I install Winamp skins?

A:There are some very short instructions here. If that doesn't help, Google always works.

More questions will be added when they become, er more frequently asked....


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